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Character Creation and Advancement

IconCharacterCreation2.jpgCharacter Creation Rules – Detailed character creation requirements for the Crimson Empires Kindred of the East game. IconCharacterAdvancement2.jpgCharacter Advancement Rules – Detailed character advancement rules for gaining and spending experience points.
IconKotEErrata2.jpgKOE Errata – Rules changes or ‘house rules’ for the Kindred of the East campaign as well as clarifications and modifications from the developers. IconDice2.jpgoWoD Dice Roller – A free, web-based die roller that is modifiable for difficulty and allows for things like re-rolls and botches that take away successes.

People, Places and Things

IconKOECharacters2.jpgCharacters – NPC’s and Player Characters both mortal and otherwise, including spirits, ghosts and other esoteric shen. IconKOEPlaces02.jpgLocations – Masters of the Eastern world, the KotE travel extensively, so here are some of the many places the Wu has explored.
IconKOEItems02.jpgItems – Artifacts and Items from many explorations, everything from weapons, armor, vehicles and magical and sacred objects. IconKOEOrganizations02.jpgOrganizations – From foreign Mafia to Enlightened Courts these are some of the many shadow organizations and scarlet screens available to the Wu.
IconRituals2.jpgRites & Rituals – Ancient oriental magics passed down through the centuries are the methods by which the Kei-jin harness the Chi within the Eastern world. IconKoans.jpgKoans – Koans are poems or sayings of intense wisdom used to reflect a person on their dharmic ways. They are highly specific to what lessons that Dharma is attempting to instill.

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Main Page

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