Book key: Kindred of the East[KotE]
Kindred of the East Companion[KotEC]
Dharma Book:Devil-Tigers[DB:DT]
Dharma Book:Bone Flowers[DB:BF]
Dharma Book:Thousand Whispers[DB:TW]
HW – Heresies of the way.
1,000 Hells[TH]
Shadow War[SW]
Killing Streets[KS]
Wind from the East[WftE]
Dark Kingdom of Jade*[DKJ]
Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures* [DKJA]
Hengeyokai:Shapeshitfters of the East*[H:SotE]
Land of Eight Million Dreams*[Lo8MD]
Dragons of the East*[DotE]
World of Darkness:Tokyo*[WoD:T]
World of Darkness:Hong Kong*[WoD:HK]
World of Darkness:Demon HunterX*[DHX]
*denotes non-KotE books

Level 0

Conciliatory doorway ritual – HW p101

Level 1

Blood preservation – B&S p96
Center the demon – DB:TW p58
Eating the scorpion – HW p127
Embrace the spirits change – KoE p130
Greeting the sun – DB:TD p55
Harmonious shielding of the guarded home – KoE p131
Prayer for taking life – DB:TD p55
Rite of the gracious courier – SW p96
Ritual for giving birth – DB:TD p56
The ashes of the phoenix – DB:TW p57
The earths embrace – DB:TW p59
The gentle repose – DB:TW p57
The ritual of a thousand cuts – DB:TW p57
Trace the dragons blood – KoE p127

Level 2

Assume the greater mask – DB:TW p55
Behold the spirits doorway – KoE p127
Binding goods – B&S p96
Branding the criminal – B&S p98
Dream of the suffocating cat – B&S p97
Ebon wardings – DB:DT p56
Harmony with the night – DB:BF p61
Ritual of the guarded alliance – HW p102
Savage joss – DB:DT p52
Sensing the earths sickness – B&S p102
Taking the left-hand path – KoE p129
The folding lotus – DB:TW p55
The mark of judgement – DB:RC p64
The way of the lone walker – KoE p129
Tithing to the ancestor – HW p24
Walk the spirit path – DB:TW p54
Wear the lesser mask – DB:TW p56

Level 3

Asserting the heavenly privilege of yang demon command – DB:DT p53
Bone-oil kiss – B&S p100
Donning the flawless mask – DB:BF p62
Donning the necklace of skulls – DB:TD p57
Facing the dynastic way – B&S p 125
Imbuing the jade – KoE p128
Inquisition of the prying minster – B&S p99
Mists of the lotus – HW p24
Reflecting the inner face – SW p97
Rite of beseeching remembrance – HW p102
Stoking the demons fury – B&S p96
The black silken pouch – DB:BF p62
The deceptive jade chains of yin demon command – DB:DT p53
The mark of judgement – DB:RC p64
The rite of renunciation – TH p111
The ritual of the black peony – TH p104
The ritual of the invisible mask – B&S p101
The scarlet leash of yang spirit binding – DB:TD p56
The voice which compels truth – DB:RC p64

Level 4

Bakemono rite – DB:DT p54
Beckoning the unrighteous spirit – DB:DT p56
Cloak the dragons passage – KoE p128
Fabrication of the elemental instrument – DB:TD p58
Honor the second breath – DB:TW p56
Inauspicious object – DB:DT p54
Memories of torments unexperienced – B&S p97
Reading the leaves of wisdom – B&S p100
Restoring the dharmic balance – KoE p130
Rite of supplication – KoE p129
Shroud over death – HW p24
Speak with local beasts – B&S p102
Strengthening the crab shell rite – HW p103
The pact of ebony and scarlet jade – TH p113
The thousand-eyed sorcerer – DB:TD p57

Level 5

Creating the rivergate – KoE p129
Digesting the feast – DB:DT p57
Embracing the little death – DB:TW p59
Gather the broken mask – DB:TW p56
Gracious acceptance of the most revered lotus blossom gift – DB:BF p62
Shitting down the dragon’s neck – HW p127
Wisdom of the spirit ways – B&S p 101


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