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Characters – NPC’s and Player Characters both mortal and otherwise, including spirits, ghosts and other esoteric shen. Locations – Masters of the Eastern world, the KotE travel extensively, so here are some of the many places the Wu has explored.
Items – Artifacts and Items from many explorations, everything from weapons, armor, vehicles and magical and sacred objects. Organizations – From foreign Mafia to Enlightened Courts these are some of the many shadow organizations and scarlet screens available to the Wu.
Rites & Rituals – Ancient oriental magics passed down through the centuries are the methods by which the Kei-jin harness the Chi within the Eastern world. Koans – Koans are poems or sayings of intense wisdom used to reflect a person on their dharmic ways. They are highly specific to what lessons that Dharma is attempting to instill.

KungFuMagic.jpgKuei-jin can manipulate Chi through their Disciplines, but they also know means of tapping into the ambient Chi all around them. Although, as undead, Kuei-jin are cut off from the Great Cycle, they nonetheless retain memories of how to manipulate the Cycle’s Chi. They do so through the casting of rites: Ceremonial words, gestures, and actions that allow Kuei-jin to tap into circulating Chi.

Rites are similar, in some respects, to Thaumaturgical Rituals, but are far more holistic. Kuei-jin enact Rites to placate the spirits, celebrate the seasons, and tap into the vast Chi energies of dragon nests. All Kuei-jin have the potential to learn rites, though rites are most commonly employed by Kuei-jin of the west and center directions.

KungFuMagic5.jpgTo learn a Rite, a Kuei-jin must have a rituals Knowledge at least equal to the rating of the Rite. Moreover, Rites are best performed by the enlightened; the difficulty, if any, of a rite cast by a Kuei-jin with a Dharma lower than the Rite’s rating increases by one. Rumors abound that certain ancestors and bodhisattvas know mighty Rites rated at six or even higher; these rumors remain unconfirmed, for now.

BuddhaStatueSamurai50.jpgCharacters may start play with one or more rites, represented by purchase of the Rites background. Kuei-jin may also learn Rites during play. To learn a rite, the character must undergo instruction from a mentor (either another Kuei-jin or a spirit). Learning the Rite typically takes a number of weeks equal to the Rite’s rating, and most mentors deign to teach Rites only to worthy pupils (or vampires who prove themselves worthy through completion of a quest).

Kuei-jin typically require material components (jade, ginseng, pearls, blood, etc.) to cast rites. Casting a Rite usually takes about 10 minutes per level of the Rite, as spirit names are invoked, ideograms are laboriously painted, and precise gestures are enacted.

KungFuMagic2.jpgChi Rites (Or Polishing the Dragon’s Scales):
The Rites described in this section deal directly with the Chi forces of Yin and yang, which allow the Kuei-jin to locate places of power, gain entry into the spirit worlds, and effect small Chi adjustments in their immediate vicinity. These Rites are collectively known as “Polishing the Dragon’s Scales.”

Trace the Dragon’s Blood

Rite of Jade Tea

Rite of Jade Attunement

Behold the Spirit’s Doorway

Imbuing the Jade

Cloak the Dragon’s Passage

Rite of Supplication

Creating the Rivergate

Empower Artifact

Commune with Tengri

Commune with Itugen

Blood Preservation

Strength of the Herd

Speak Through the Tongue of the Dragon

Sense of the Ger

KungFuMagicIChing.jpgIndividual Rites:
Kuei-jin frequently make use of Rites to mark, commemorate, or otherwise signify changes in their unlives. In some cases, these rites simply underscore a decision that’s already been made; in others, the Rite effects a transformation that can’t otherwise occur. The following rites primarily affect individuals rather than groups and illustrate the kinds of events that warrant Ritual attention. Storytellers and players should feel free to invent their own versions of these rite or create new ones for themselves.

Taking the Left-Hand Path

Rite of the Lone Walker

Restoring the Dharmic Balance

The Ritual For Being Devoured

The Ritual of the Black Peony

The Pact of Ebony and Scarlet

Stroking the Demon’s Fury

KungFuMagic4.jpgRites of the Shadow Warriors:
These few rituals are largely associated with Shadow Wars and the games wu’s sometimes play between themselves and the Courts amongst themselves.

Rite of the Gracious Courier

Reflecting the Inner Face

KungFuMagic7Wizard.jpgSocial Rites:
Just as individual Kuei-jin use Rites to enhance and give structure to their existence, Cathayan society likewise uses Rites to acknowledge changes that affect the greater community. The following Rites provide some examples of ceremonies for auspicious occasions; Storytellers may use them as guidelines for creating other social Rites or ignore them altogether. Other possible candidates for Rites include ceremonies for declaring a Kuei-jin to be akuma or for acknowledging declaration of a shadow war between rival individuals or courts.

Embracing the Spirit’s Change

Eye of Heaven’s Mandate

The Rite of Purification

Rite of Infamy

Facing the Dynastic Way

Rite of Renunciation

Feng Shui Rituals (Or Rites of Wind & Water):
Some Kuei-jin practice their own version of feng shui that uses their study of harmonious alignments with Chi lines to achieve a number of effects powered by energy from the spirit worlds.

Harmonious Shielding of the Guarded Home

Construct the Dragon-Bone Prison

Binding Goods


Dharmic Rituals:
Many rituals are developed by the various sages of the Dharmic paths. These are heavily guarded and much coveted secrets. To date, they simply will not work for followers of different roads.

Level 0:
Conciliatory Doorway Ritual -Way of the Living Earth

Level 1:
The Ritual of a Thousand Cuts 1,000 Whispers
The Ashes of the Phoenix 1,000 Whispers
The Gentle Repose 1,000 Whispers
Center the Demon 1,000 Whispers
Greeting the Sun Thrashing Dragon
Prayer For Taking Life Thrashing Dragon
Ritual for Giving Birth Thrashing Dragon
Eating the Scorpion -Scorpion Eater

Level 2:
Branding the Criminal Resplendent Crane (aka The Mark of Judgment)
Savage Joss Devil-Tigers
Ebon Wardings Devil-Tigers
Harmony with Night Bone Flowers
Walk the Spirit Path 1,000 Whispers
The Folding Lotus 1,000 Whispers
Dream of the Suffocating Cat Devil-Tigers
Sensing the Earth’s Sickness Thrashing Dragon
Tithing to the Ancestor – Rising Phoenix
Ritual of the Guarded Alliance – Way of the Living Earth

Level 3:
Asserting the Heavenly Privilege of Yang Demon Command Devil-Tigers
The Deceptive Jade Chains of Yin Demon Command Devil-Tigers
The Black Silken Pouch Bone Flowers
Donning the Flawless Mask Bone Flowers
Assume the Greater Mask 1,000 Whispers
Wear the Lesser Mask 1,000 Whispers
The Earth’s Embrace 1,000 Whispers
Inquisition of the Prying Magistrate Resplendent Crane (aka The Voice Which Compels Truth)
Bone-Oil Kiss Bone Flowers
The Ritual of the Invisible Mask 1,000 Whispers
The Scarlet Silk Leash of Yang Spirit Binding Thrashing Dragon
Donning the Necklace of Skulls Thrashing Dragon & Devil-Tigers
Mists of the Lotus -Rising Phoenix
Rite of Beseeching Remembrance -Way of the Living Earth

Level 4:
Speak with Local Beasts Thrashing Dragon
Memories of Torments Unexperianced Devil-Tigers
Inauspicious Object Devil-Tigers
Bakemono Rite Devil-Tigers
Honor the Second Breath 1,000 Whispers
Reading the Leaves of Wisdom Bone Flowers
Beckoning the Unrighteous Spirit Devil-Tigers
The Thousand-Eyed Sorcerer Thrashing Dragon
Fabrication of the Elemental Instrument Thrashing Dragon
Shroud Over Death – Rising Phoenix
Strengthening the Crab’s Shell Rite -Way of the Living Earth

Level 5:
Digesting the Feast Devil-Tigers
Gracious Acceptance of the Most Revered Lotus Blossom Gift Bone Flowers
Wisdom of the Spirit Ways 1,000 Whispers
Gather the Broken Mask 1,000 Whispers
Embracing the Little Demon 1,000 Whispers
Shitting Down the Dragon’s Neck -Scorpion Eaters

Rites & Rituals

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