Rite of Infamy

Rite of Infamy, lvl 5

This rite is used upon a Kuei-jin who is to be declared akuma. Though there are more than enough genuine akuma, more often than not in recent nights the Rite of Infamy has been
used for political purposes or to get rid of unpopular vampires. However, there are tales of vampires who have used this rite too often or for selfish purposes, and were themselves revealed to be akuma by the very rite they sought to use against others. Whether these stories are genuine, or merely wishful thinking on the part of maliciously persecuted victims, is not known.

System:The would-be-akuma must be present for this rite to be enacted, and the lead ritualist must publicly lead at least four other vampires in performing the rite. The lead ritualist can’t lead this rite against a vampire with a higher Dharma rating than herself. The lead ritualist rolls Manipulation + Rituals (difficulty 8).

In addition to making the victim a social outcast, this ritual leaves a spiritual mark on the subject that those with Eye of Heaven’s Mandate (see above) can perceive. The mark lasts for a length of time determined by the successes rolled by the lead ritualist:

1 successes: eight nights

2 successes: eight weeks

3 successes: eight months

4 successes: eight years

5 successes: eight decades

Rite of Infamy

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