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Characters – NPC’s and Player Characters both mortal and otherwise, including spirits, ghosts and other esoteric shen. Locations – Masters of the Eastern world, the KotE travel extensively, so here are some of the many places the Wu has explored.
Items – Artifacts and Items from many explorations, everything from weapons, armor, vehicles and magical and sacred objects. Organizations – From foreign Mafia to Enlightened Courts these are some of the many shadow organizations and scarlet screens available to the Wu.
Rites & Rituals – Ancient oriental magics passed down through the centuries are the methods by which the Kei-jin harness the Chi within the Eastern world. Koans – Koans are poems or sayings of intense wisdom used to reflect a person on their dharmic ways. They are highly specific to what lessons that Dharma is attempting to instill.


Koan are meditative stories, poems or proverbs that are intended to guide those seeking enlightenment along the path of their Dharma.

Devil-Tiger Koan

Resplendent Crane Koan

1,000 Whispers Koan

Thrashing Dragons Koan

Bone Flowers Koan


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