Encircle, level 3, Dark Ages, Mongol Era

A mongol who knows this rite can enchant her arrows so that they home in on a target even if she faces directly away from her target. The arrows used for this rite cannot have any other form of enchantment on them; they must be dedicated for the Encircle rite only.

The Wan Kuei must expend one point of either Yin or Yang chi through lost blood for every nine arrows to be enchanted. The player should roll Intelligence + Archery, with no more Archery dice rolled than the character has dots in the Rituals knowledge. Each success gives the player an additional die in his Archery dice pool when firing one of these enchanted arrows. Additionally, the target of such an arrow gets no defensive bonus for cover or being at an odd angle to the shooter; enchanted arrows will home their way to the target, dodging around obstacles as necessary. The shooter can still miss (if his roll to hit fails or the target dodges), but only through such a contest of skill will he do so.

Arrows can be trasferred to another Wan Kuei.


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