Empower Artifact

Empower Artifact, lvl 5

This rare rite allows a Kuei-jin to create magical artifacts, though doing so is costly both spiritually and in resources. Not many have the requisite dedication to create magical items, as the vampire loses whatever powers he invests in the item and must relearn them.

The player informs the Storyteller the type of artifact he wants his character to create. The Storyteller assigns a level to the artifact as a rough measure of its power; use existing artifacts, including those listed on my artifacts page, as guides. An item can have no more powers or special properties than its level. A character can only create artifacts of a level up to his Dharma rating, which means a character must attain a certain level of enlightenment before he can churn out really powerful items.

The item the character is to enchant must be clean and of high quality; jade, metal and bone in particular make good receptacles for magic. The vampire must perform an hour-long ritual over the item every night for one lunar cycle, starting with the new moon; any missed rituals forces the vampire to start the ritual over again. When the second new moon arrives, the vampire must anoint the receptacle with a mixture of powdered jade and blood, and invest a number of Chi in the item equal to the level of the artifact (the type of Chi required depends on the nature of the item; Yin for an amulet that protects the wearer from Spectres, Yang for a wooden staff that can change shape, and Demon Chi for a weapon that inflict
horrific wounds). The vampire must also invest in the artifact the Discipline powers and/or rituals that he wants it to have. In so doing, however, he loses those powers. The vampire
can relearn “lost” Discipline powers at reduced cost (see below).

At this point, the item is now a magical artifact. Its specific capabilities are up to the player and Storyteller, including incidentals such as activation costs and method of use, but should be based on the powers/rituals stored in the item.

Losing and Relearning Powers

Vampires don’t actually “forget” the Discipline powers they lose when making artifacts. The power, and the ability to use it, is transferred from the vampire to the target item. When a vampire loses a Discipline power this way, he must learn that power again in order to use it himself, but doing so costs only the power’s level x 4 in exp and takes half the normal time. Note when a vampire loses a Discipline power, he loses only that power, not the entire Discipline, and the Discipline’s total level does not decrease. Exception: In the cases of linear Disciplines, such as Black Wind and Iron Mountain, each dot invested in the item counts as a separate power, and while the overall Discipline level decreases, the character buys back the lost dots at a cost of new rating x 4.

For example, if a Bone Flower with Bone Shintai ●●●● and Black Wind ●●● empowers a katana with Bone Obedience (Bone Shintai ●●●) and two dots of Black Wind, he loses the Bone Obedience power, but he still has Bone Shintai ●●●● and the powers Corpse Skin, White Tiger Corpse and Five Poison Cloud. He also drops to an effective Black Wind ●. If he wants to increase his Bone Shintai or Black Wind ratings, he must raise them at x 8 exp, as normal (though he doesn’t gain the full range of those Disciplines’ powers until he buys those powers back). To “buy back” the Bone Obedience power, the vampire must spend 12 exp (3 × 4); buying back both dots of Black Wind will cost 12 exp (4 exp [1 × 4] to raise it from to 2, then 8 [2 × 4] to raise it from 2 to 3).

Empower Artifact

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