Embracing the Spirit's Change

Embrace The Spirits’ Change, lvl 1

As the years of his existence fall away, a Kuei-jin goes through many stages of personal and social progress. From the nights of his vampiric “youth” (the lifetime of a normal human) to his eventual (though not inevitable) attainment of status within the ranks of Cathayan society, each Kuei-jin experiences considerable changes in personality and temperament that transforms him from the person he was into a new individual. Many Kuei-jin mark these passages along the Road Back by taking new names, thus signifying their new identities. This Rite publicly acknowledges the assumption of a new name.

System: A Kuei-jin first petitions the members of her wu or the mandarins of her court for the privilege of taking a new name. Upon receiving permission, she spends three nights prior to the naming ceremony in Ritual purification, during which she meditates upon the most appropriate name. The ceremony consists of the vampire appearing before the assembled gathering (of her wu or court), performing the necessary obsequies and publically announcing her desire to take a new name. she then recites this name five times, to each of the five directions (north, south, east, west, and center). The attendees then formally address the Kuei-jin by her new name, thus clothing the intent with reality. The character must spend one point of Chi to link the new name to her inner self and sever her association with her old name. If a Kuei-jin doesn’t wish to replace one name with another but wants instead to adopt both names (thus symbolizing a continuity of personality), she spends a point of Chi to link the two names together in the eyes of the spirits.

*CM Specific ruling- This ritual is used to change one’s Direction as well as name. The system remains unchanged.

Embracing the Spirit's Change

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