Dragon's Nest of the Sheltered Waters

The Dragon’s Nest of the Sheltered Waters is the center of power for The Beast Court of Golden Blades. It is home to a wide variety of the changing breeds including Kitsune, and Samebito.

The Dragon Nest, or Caern, of the Sheltered Waters is a recent creation. The ritual to build the site of power was performed by Minister L’Amour Shining Deer, with the entire Clan and even Court supporting the battle against the inevitable onslaught of Yomi.

Level: 4
Type: Honor & Unity
Totem: Seiryuu Dragon – Caern Totem (Water Dragon)
Base Wall (Gauntlet): 4
Bawn: Here the Wall is thinner than most places. In the underground caverns nearest the Inner Chamber, the Wall can be as weak as 5. Most of the bawn territory, however, rates a steady 6. This is before any feng shui construction is applied.
Heart: The heart of the Dragon Nest is found in the Inner Chamber. Here the Wall is nearly non-existent; hengeyokai who cannot normally step sideways may do so here provided they have placated the spirits in proper fashion. The few Courtmates given permission (by the Councillor or Elder and ultimately Seiryuu) to access the Dragon Nest may benefit in similar fashion. Water Shen (Water elementals) are especially responsive to the hsien, for example, and chi’n ta could take advantage of the Dragon Nest’s primal and creative “Wyld”/Dynamic Resonance.

Seiryuu’s Bestowments: Successfully appealing to Seiryuu (via the Rite of Dragon Nest Opening) allows the hengeyokai to add dice to his Rituals or Leadership rolls and any activity concerning the Celestial Mandates or hengeyokai traditions. Alternately, Seiryuu may bestow one or two points of Strength or Stamina upon the benefactor so he may be as strong and steady as the surging Yellow River.

Dragon's Nest of the Sheltered Waters

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