Commune with Tengri

Commune with Tengri, lvl 4. Dark Ages, Mongol Era.

This rite is typically performed at the highest point in the surrounding landscape, such that no higher point is visible from that promontory. If the surrounding landscape is all equally flat, the rite is much less likely to succeed; ancestors suggest that the Wan Kuei search for a suitably high promontory before beginning the ritual.
The vampiric supplicant to Mongke Koke Tengri must shed all clothing and allow herself to be wrapped in the night sky while kneeling in one position for at least four hours and praying to the sky god. The supplicant may move and speak, but may not rise for any reason, lest she spoil the rite. During this time the vampire feels a great, shining presence come to her; the great spirit of the endless sky touches the supplicant’s soul, and for a moment she can see the shining, sunlit blue sky of the daytime steppe and the clarity that it brings. When the necessary time has elapsed, the Wan Kuei receives insight regarding the greatest problem she is currently faces. Whether this insight truly comes from Tengri is the subject of great debate among the Black Tortoise Wan Kuei.

Spend 1 yang chi. At the end of the four hour period, roll Stamina + Rituals (Difficulty 7, or up to 9 in severe weather or if performed on a plain). The player lets the storyteller know the character’s primary concern during the communication period. The Storyteller counts successes and consults the following table to give the character information about his communion:

Successes: Information:

Botch = Outright lies.
0= No insight
1= Vague hints, poetic commentary.
2= indirect clues that hint at resolution.
3= a name, face or place. often rather impressionistic, as a painting.
4= flashes of future or distant events; a single scene or recognizable image.
5= extended glimpses of specific scenes yet to occur, or which the character would have no way of having witnessed.

Additionally, these successes act as additional dice to the character’s dice pool when the character confronts the source of his problem. They can only be used once for this purpose. They might add to Investigation checks or Melee, as long as it’s applicable.

Commune with Tengri

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