Knives of Sublime Hunger (lvl 4 Artifact)

Vicious Knife

weapon (melee)

System: Knives of Sublime Hunger are assassins’ weapons, best used to kill an unprepared foe in a single stroke. The knife itself does only Strength +1 aggravated damage, but when a Kuei-Jin attacks with it and succeeds in inflicting damage, the spirit of the Knife urges the blade forward, doubling the amount of damage inflicted.


These knives are most famously used by the Golden Master to arm his naljorpa minions. However, the knowledge of the knives’ construction is well-known throughout the Devil-Tiger Dharma, and they are especially favored by the Black Iron Talons. Knives of Sublime Hunger are constructed by binding a spirit of brutal hunger into the vessel of a knife suited to fulfilling these predilections. Were Knifes of Sublime Hunger forged by mortals, they would be masterpieces of overcompensation. Their blades are wickedly curved, with saw backs, secondary edges, spiked guards and an intricate series of blood grooves along the blade. When the Kuei-Jin strikes with the knife, the demon inside strikes as well, resulting in horrific ripping wounds. Each blade is unique, but all bear a representation of the demon inside on the hilt.
Handling a Knife of Sublime Hunger can be quite dangerous for mortals, and the spirit in the knife is often powerful enough to overwhelm them and use them to help quench the weapon’s thirst.

Knives of Sublime Hunger (lvl 4 Artifact)

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