Mortal, Zheng HUIQING Zhenxiang



This girl has archaeology in her veins. Originally discovered trying to fence a cartload of illegally stolen gold, she has been turned to the Wu’s cause with promises of help exploring the Longman Grotto’s most secret passages. Her loyalty has been assured by Konda, and her zealous approach to her tasks makes her one of the most valuable mortals associating with the Wu to date.

She has connections in crime, universities, and her own family (which is among the most revered historians in China, gangland style). When she isn’t carefully mapping a ruin, trying to preserve some aspect of Chinese history, or brow-beating criminal enterprises, she is also handy with a gun. A spunky little thing, and one of Johnny’s favorites.

Also- she cleans up very nicely and is quite attractive to boot.


Mortal, Zheng HUIQING Zhenxiang

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