Spirit, Seiryuu Dragon - Celestial Temple Librarian

Celestial Temple Librarian (Jaggling)



Spirit Seiryuu
Form: A heavenly dragon or wise child within a lotus flower
Color: Blue
Quadrant: The East
Ruling Kingdom: Kutou
Season: Spring
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Wood
Chinese Name: Long Wang
Japanese Name: Seiryuu
Constellations: Nakago, Amiboshi, Suboshi, Soi, Tomo, Ashitare, Miboshi
Background: Associated with nobility and authority; represents fearsomeness and invincibility; often appears with clouds and fog, so its constellation is known to signal rain


This child-like spiritual dragon was found slumbering within a lotus flower in the great library the Wu discovered. She seems far more powerful than she lets on, and holds the protection of the wisdom of the library as he highest goal. Tread lightly, she seems to be a wondrous ally for the Wu to have at all.



Spirit, Seiryuu Dragon - Celestial Temple Librarian

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