Ghost, Sacred and Divine Empress Wu Zetian



Empress Wu Zetian began life as a courtesan, but by the time of her death in 705 AD she was empress. To date, the only woman to rule China in her own name and right.

She can be described as a cruel dictator; history has lost count of the number of people she ordered dead through all manner of cruelty. Still, she was a revered leader, and a competent monarch. Over a thousand years later, her name still dominates the pages of Chinese history as one of their greatest rulers.

In death, she has taken up residence in the Grottos, theoretically because her mortal remains are interned somewhere in the area. Her estate is vast and heavily guarded by her terracotta warrior guard. Access to her is restricted by numerous checkpoints and their relevant magistrates.

She is wealthy beyond knowing, powerful beyond imaging, and has made her favor known to the Wu on at least one occasion when a graveyard started in her era was brought back to prominence and proper upkeep.


While she was in her 80’s when she died, the luminous being appears as she did in youth; a vital beauty one can easily imagine capturing the hearts and minds of all who gazed upon…



Ghost, Sacred and Divine Empress Wu Zetian

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