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Characters – NPC’s and Player Characters both mortal and otherwise, including spirits, ghosts and other esoteric shen. Locations – Masters of the Eastern world, the KotE travel extensively, so here are some of the many places the Wu has explored.
Items – Artifacts and Items from many explorations, everything from weapons, armor, vehicles and magical and sacred objects. Organizations – From foreign Mafia to Enlightened Courts these are some of the many shadow organizations and scarlet screens available to the Wu.
Rites & Rituals – Ancient oriental magics passed down through the centuries are the methods by which the Kei-jin harness the Chi within the Eastern world. Koans – Koans are poems or sayings of intense wisdom used to reflect a person on their dharmic ways. They are highly specific to what lessons that Dharma is attempting to instill.
Just a note about organization of the Characters and Items list pages: This list is auto-organized by capitalization, so punctuation in TITLES matters. For example: Spirit, Seiryuu Dragon will end up in a different place in the list than Spirit – Seiryuu Dragon as a comma is given different alphabetical weight than a dash.
In the future, when the Wu advances to different areas of the world, this will allow us to annotate the titles of characters differently indicating region and location with names, letters and symbols. For example, PC’s have an asterisk in front of them so they get bumped to the top of the list. Likewise, I plan to put something like ‘China’ or ‘Louyang’ or ‘Area 1’ in front of each region that features heavily in the story so that the things most important at the time float to the top, but everything that the Wu hjas seen and experienced is still around to experience.



Fang Yin – Lightning’s Scepter – Chancellor – Ethereal Eagle Lantern of the Court of the Golden Blades

Knows-the-Graves, Golden Tutor of Warrior Ways & Rushing Phoenix of the Court of Golden Blades

Guang Ren – Rends the Scorpians – War General Minister of Fangs (Minister of War) – Rending Dragon of the Court of Golden Blades.

blistering feasts-on-foxes stars of the black-hearted beacon

Ling Chu (Clever Stone) – Tribe: Bastet (Khan) – Breed: Homid – Auspice (Pryio) Twilight – Rank 3

Dong Tao (Master of the Crashing Waves) – Breed: Homid – Aspect: The Shining (Midnight Sun) Dong Tao lives in a Sampan in Aberdeen harbor with his daughter and grandson, his heir. – Rank 5

Quin Shi (A Thousand Seeds) – A Kumo (Goblin Spider) who is actively seeking the Black Dragon Sword.


Shangguan Tingzhi – Son of Shangguan Yi. Forced to commit suicide by Emperor Gauzong the Elder at Emperess Wu’s command.

Guo Xinzhen – Daoist Sorcerer to Empress Wu Zetian

Fusheng – Louyang Apothacary, disciple of KoTe An Rui – Owner of apothecary shop in Louyang, Inner Quest Apothacary

Chinese Tongs & Louyang area Bosses

Tong Global Boss Name Description Nickname
Chung Yee Wan Kuok-koi acolyte Lu Bang Hip hop gangster Bang Bang
14K Acolyte of Qiao Si Kong Tang covered in tong tattoos Throat Cutter
Red Hand Zhang Ziqiang Acolyte well dressed Hao Chang

Ling Kong – Kong & Sons Stonemason Family Patriarch and master stonemason

Guou Kong – Kong & Sons Stonemason Family Opium Mule

Tongui Kong – Paid door guard of the Kong & Sons underground opium den. Cousin of Ling Kong – was wounded by the Wu while briefly possessed by a Sloth Bane

Brui-wen Kong – Paid door guard of the Kong & Sons underground opium den. Cousin of Ling Kong

Hong Kong

Toji Konda – Yakuza associate contracted by Shinchi


Bakemono Opium Drones

Spirit Great Celestial Candle Dragon

Spirit Terra Cotta Warrior (different from the ghost-imbued warriors of the Yama King)

Spirit, Seiryuu Dragon – Dragon’s Nest Totem of the Dragon’s Nest of the Sheltered Waters


Isamu Harujiro – The Black Dragon Blacksmith. Wraith. (SEE LEGEND BELOW)
Japanese legends from the time of the Kamakura Shogunate tell of the swordsmith Isamu Harujiro, who was supreme among artisans for the superb quality of his blades. So finely balanced and harmonious to the eye were the swords of Isamu that the kami themselves desired them; taking the form of mortals, they left their spirit dwellings and traveled to Isamu’s home to request his wondrous swords. They brought a great store of gems and fine jade ornaments with them to present to Isamu as payment for his good work. At first, Isamu considered himself honored to have such illustrious and noble petitioners (for he did not recognize the heavenly beings in their mortal guises). But, he grew angry when he heard their demands, for these wealthy clients not only ordered that he make their blades from the finest materials, with hilts of precious jade, but they also required him to destroy the blades after their making. Having made their wishes known, the kami departed the world and returned to their homes to await the arrival (through destruction) of their swords.

Isamu found himself in a difficult position: His patrons were obviously gentlemen of means and status, but the thought ofdestroying his perfect blades was unthinkable. He conceived a plan, believing that he could outwit his noble customers and still garner their acclaim. Per their instructions, Isamu labored for three years to forge seven blades. When his work was completed, he labored another lO days to craft seven false blades — hastily made copies of the originals. He took these false blades with him on his journey to the mountain that his patrons had designated as the place of delivery and destruction. There, they had told him, he would find a fiery pool. Isamu was to drop the swords one by one into the pool, whose heat would melt and destroy them utterly.

Isamu did just that, but the blades he consigned to fiery oblivion were the seven false blades. Satisfied that he had met his patrons’ requirements — for how could they know which blades were destroyed after the deed was done? A Isamu returned to his home. When the blades arrived in the spirit worlds, the kami were furious. These were not the elegant weapons they had requested, but inferior toys that broke as soon as they were used. They all placed a curse on Isamu together. His blades would continue to be balanced to perfection; their edges would retain their keenness; their appearance would delight the eyes of all who saw them — but each sword he made would hereafter bear a curse. Additionally, the kami sent lightning and great typhoons to plague Isamu, until the blades they had commissioned were destroyed by the elements’ anger.

This would be a cautionary tale intended to warn mortals of trying to deceive the gods if the story ended here, with Isamu contrite and ruined by his pride and duplicity. But there is more to the legend.

Isamu Harujiro grew yet more prideful and arrogant despite the curses placed upon his work. He used his blades as instruments of vengeance, giving them as presents to unsuspecting nobles and samurai, then watching from the sidelines as the curses ruined the wielders. An evil spirit grew within lsarnu, urging him to commit even more heinous acts. He learned finally that dark magics enabled him to direct the specific nature of each curse — so that one blade could not return to its sheath without drawing blood, while another required the sacrifice of a loved one’s finger or toe each time it left its sheath.

Of all his swords, Isamu’s masterpiece — made for his personal use ~ was a flawless katana, which he named Tatsuko Sayo (Dragon of the Night). Using his mightiest magic, Isamu crafted a piece of his P’o into the blade and invested it with a special curse: Once drawn, Tatsuko Sayo could not be sheathed unless it drank the blood of a shen. With this weapon, Isamu Haruj iro declared war on the spirit worlds.

Thus began the period known to the then as the 4,000 Nights of Unending Sorrow, when many wise and gentle spirits (and an equal number of malicious and stupid ones) fell to Dragon of the Night. The spirit worlds shook with anger at Isamu’s offenses and sent their own champion, the great spirit warrior lshitaro, the Stone’s Child, to slay the master swordsmith.

A great battle ensued, resulting in the deaths of both lshitaro and Isamu. Because of this melee, there was no one left to claim the cursed blade of Isamu, and Dragon of the Night disappeared. The spirit of Isamu Harujiro entered the Dark Kingdom of jade. There he underwent many torments before coming to the attention of the ]ade Emperor, who had heard of the swordmaster and his shen-slayer sword and coveted Dragon of the Night for himself; he had the tortured wraith brought before him and commanded him to reveal the location of the sword in the Middle Kingdom. The Jade Emperor promised Harujiro an honored place in his palace ifhe cooperated, and then he threatened an eternity of agony if he refused.

Harujiro pretended to agree but secretly determined that none but himself would ever possess his sword — his greatest and most powerful Fetter in the world of the living. Isamu alone knew where the sword had fallen into hiding, and he alone could retrieve it. By the force of his will (and his angry Po, lsaimu Harujiro escaped the Dark Kingdom of jade and returned to his own body — not as one of the Kuei Jin, but as a Risen wraith.

His arrival in the Middle Kingdom provoked a storm of fury among the shen, who sensed his return and sought out Shizuko Kokoshin, mightiest of the Shih demon hunters, at great risk to themselves. Though Shizuko despised most shen, he agreed to a temporary truce and set about tracking down the Risen monster. lsarmu did not even have time to recover the Dragon of the Night before he fell to the whirling blades and potent Chi powers of Shizuko Kokoshin. The sword master’s Hun fell once more into the Yin World, where the winds of the Tempest ripped it to shreds, casting it into Nothingness.

For those who still remember the story of the wonderful and Terrible Swords of Isamu Harujiro, the story ends with the sword master’s “final” destruction. But there is more to the tale, a third part that has never been told, until now.

Isamu’s P’o escaped destruction miraculously by hiding itself within the white jade grip of Dragon of the Night, still Fettered to the sword and now trapped inside it. By melding its substance with the precious white jade (the magical properties of which it discovered while imprisoned in the jade Emperor’s dungeons), the P’o has attained a certain ability to act in the Middle Kingdom.

The sword master’s P’o also has discovered that it can still work magic and has added embellishments to Dragon of the Night’s curse: Not only can the sword not be sheathed without bloodying itself on one of the shen, but any wielder who fails to accomplish this requirement must sheathe the sword in his own body. In this manner, “Isamu“ can use and discard unworthy or incompetent carriers. Further, the beauty of the cursed katana ensures a steady supply of greedy warriors desirous of possessing such a marvelous and perfect blade.

Through these powers, Dragon of the Night made its journey slowly across Japan. It passed through the hands of many samurai families (inevitably leading to the ruin of those noble houses), found its way aboard a seagoing vessel, transferred itself to the captain of a pirate ship that traveled the South China Sea, and roamed the Chinese mainland until it made its way back to japan in the early part of the 20th century. There Dragon of the Night remained until it sensed that one of the Bishamon Kuei-jin, the sole survivor of one of the samurai families who possessed it briefly, was on its trail. Unwilling to be found and destroyed, the demon blade sought another hiding place. Maneuvering itself into the hands of smugglers, it arrived in Hong Kong during a
particularly chaotic time.

Its arrival has been noticed by the local supernatural population. Even now, Kuei-jin factions and other groups of shen engage themselves in a frantic search for the potent artifact. Few suspect its true nature, and only one individual can recognize it for what it truly is. Nevertheless, the hunt is on and hunters are in demand.


The Fettered P’o, however, has plans of its own. lt desires to avenge itself against the Dark Kingdom of jade by destroying its Hong Kong outpost. Likewise, it seeks revenge against all who caused it so much travail. The P’o’s enemies, thus, include the denizens of the spirit worlds, the shen (especially the nature folk and the shapeshifters), and the Dark Kingdom of jade.

Other Undead

Undead Celestial Cloud Temple Bone Tiger


Lun Meng – Master of Ying Lei. He met Zao-Lat. An Rui is disciple of Ying Lei

Ying Lei, Thunder Hawk. (:Just before British occupation) Disciple of Lun Meng. Thousand Whispers 7. Want to clean the dragons lines in Transylvania. Celestyn guest in Romania.

An Rui is disciple of Ying Lei

Hong Kong

Victorious Whirlwind Wu: (Chinese)
Jun Yow (Womanly Truth) – Resplendent Crane 4 – Jun Yow’s Wu is directly seeking the Black Dragon Blade in opposition to many others.

The Bone Web Wu: (Chinese)
Gan Shuo (Bold Achiever) – Song of the Shadow 7 (Corrupted by Yama Kings) – Allied with the Goblin Spider Qian Shi and tentatively with Tremere Oliver Thrace. Controls most perverse elements of the vice market in Hong Kong

(Gaki – Japanese Kuei-Jin in Hong Kong)
Kiosho Masahiro (The Tolerant One) – Resplendant Crane Dharma 7 – Influence in the business community. Comfortable with technology. OLD (1266).

Gatanaka Seiko – Thrashing Dragons, Dharma 4 – Master of the Hong Kong Geisha spy network.

Matsuoka Kudei – Bone Flowers, Dharma 4 – Master at arms and weapons master for the Masahiro Ninja Clan.

Flaming Blossom Wu:
Bishamon Kazuko (Obedient Daughter) – 1000 Whispers, Dharma 3 – Sister to a Shi Demon Hunter, Direct line to the Black Dragon sword’s lineage.

Koju Ashitaka – 1000 Whispers, Dharma 3, Influence in the Yakuza of Hong Kong.

Yatoishi Kumo – Howl of the Devil Tigers, Dharma 3


The Louyang Slasher – serial killer

A witch in the hills – Perhaps an old woman with hearth wisdom, perhaps with hedge magic. Related to Zheng HUIQING Zhenxiang

Chi’n Ta Wizard – A true mage rumored to live near Louyang

“Jasmine” – A fae who was captured by the agents of those who sought the Black Dragon blade for bad ends. She worked as a prostitute in the vice district of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Michaela Neff – The Unborn, Mummy – Searching for rare items in Hong Kong for some purpose related to a resurrection of the soul, her agents may be subtly attempting to manipulate events to retrieve the Black Dragon blade for some ends.

Nian Shun (Unhindered Ages) – A mysterious monk that resides on the Island of Lantau near the Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong

Barbarian Kin-Jin

Olliver Thrace – Tremere – An inauspicious blood wizard who is currently interested in the Black Dragon Blade. Acts mostly through intermediaries. Resides within the Hong Kong Chantry.

Gwendolyn Fleming – Toreador – A patron of the arts, ostensibly an independent looking for profitable allies and rare artifacts.

Clive Cooper – Nosferatu – Lives within the sewers of Hong Kong. Allegiances unknown.

Shi Demon Hunters

Ren Wei – (Benevolent Strength), Leader of a team of Shi Demon Hunters – Dedicated to slaying shen that have lost their path.


Ghost Camo [Talen / Gnosis 7]
This is a War Paint that is most common to the Glass Walker tribe. The paint is like normal woodland camouflage all greens, black, and brown. The Glass Walkers however bind a raccoon spirit into the paint. This gives the wearer the ability to activate the Gift Blur of the Milky Eye if concealed for one scene. The use is still subjected to the normal rules for the gift on movement, and sound. Should the wearer be detected they may attempt to conceal again after they are found once they find a new place to hide until the scene is finished. (Translation from Hammer and Klaive)

Candle Dragon Library Celestial Orrery


Louyang Yomi

Louyang Northern Slum District

Louyang Northern Warehouse District

Louyang Northern Warehouse #2 (Archeological Research)

Beijing to Louyang Dragon Line

Kong & Son’s Stonemasonry – Tainted Dragon’s Nest / Opium Den

Louyang Normal University

Louyang Inner Quest Apothacary

Hong Kong:


Chung Yee Tong-


**Incomplete Characters, Items, Places & Organizations**

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