Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

7/13- Curtains Close on Hong Kong

The battle the wu faced was massive. Spirits piled upon them so quickly, they stopped having individual faces. Kaede, while laughing at his own demise, died regaining the honor he had stained from falling victim to otherworldly forces. The rest of the wu fought through the quagmire, protecting the ritual Shinchi mumbled until at last there was a great explosion and the taint passed from this world.

In the distance, two great spirits could be heard, and the wu readied to face them as well in battle. A Sphinx was ultimately the one to appear and answer a question before flitting off about it’s very serious Sphinx business. The Wu consulted for a moment and ultimately decided that they would return the blade to the fae who had started this mess to begin with, and arguable caused the curse in their rage. The laughing monk told them of a place where hope grew and died in regular bouts for the young ones, and their Khan ally was able to piece together where this might be. The Wu traveled there, and when they arrived, they left Johnny to bond with the mortal remains of Kaede while Konda and Shinchi went to find the fair folk.

They found a boy with a flute who fled into the woods. He slept, and his dream was beautiful. It was into this dream that the Wu traveled to find the lord of the land. He was named Discerning Pursuit, and he applauded the wu on their grace and wisdom. Once he beheld the blade, however, he released it from his people’s charge and gave them a masterly crafted flute as further thank you for the service and inconvenience they had been caused.

Since the Wu still had their prize, they decided to visit the Daimyo and see if they could salvage their alliance with him. They were greeted by two Wu’s just waiting for an excuse to start bloodshed. Miraculously, a massacre was averted, and they were granted entry. Through clever word smithing, the Wu is able to grant the Daimyo the blade without actually giving it up. He, in turn, tells Dutiful Daughter that the Wu will return the blade to her after she performs one task of their choosing, as dangerous as they may like. A powerful boon to be sure. She acquiesces, and the wu celebrates with tales of Kaede’s honor being restored.

Not quite done with Hong Kong, Johnny insists the Wu search more thoroughly the underground beneath where the spider made her haven. They found a complex series of tunnels filled with nameless slaves and gangsters. They seemed to be involved in human trafficking, and they found damning evidence connecting the goblin spider with an Akuma and a few other names of interest, not the least of which being the Inauspicious Blood Wizards. Ensuring that the legal paper trail on these items was maintained, Johnny tortured as many of the gangsters as it pleased until they had the information they needed to move on.

The information was copied into various bundles and delivered to a lone Devil Tiger, their super cop friend, and the Daimyo of the area as well as the monk Mandarin. Those people who were too broken to be released to the city were collected and spirited over country lines back to their home in Lou Yang. Upon their return, they found their ablely promoted prostitute waiting to take custody of their recent human acquisitions. In their grottos, they found a proud spirit of justice standing over the smoldering heads of a dozen three-eyed skulls.

After a brief funeral for Kaede and a quiet passing for Takashi’s exit, the Wu settles into their own beds for the evening. It had been a long few weeks, and some rest would be good before resuming their conquest of the world.



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