Welcome to Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

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Who: Private players at a private home
What: Kindred of the East – Classic World of Darkness setting.
Where: 13325 85th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
When: Every other Sunday from 2PM until 8PM

ImageFor thousands of years, the Kindred have ravaged the World of Darkness. Claiming descent from the First Murderer, Caine, these parasites have riddled Old and New World alike. The Children of Caine influence, subvert and pervert the highest echelons of mortal government, economics and culture. Nothing, they claim, escapes their corrupting touch.

They are wrong.

One realm eludes their clutches: the ancient land of Asia. Although Asia offers unthinkable riches and oceans of blood, Kindred who come here do so fearfully. Since the nights of the galleons, Western vampires’ attempts to exploit this land have met with dismal and horrific failure. For another sort of vampire rules Asia’s nights. These vampires scorn the myth of Caine — for they are cohorts of spirits and demons. Not for them are the indulgences of generation – respect, power and age are privileges to be earned. Their curse is not a random, pointless Embrace, but a karmic debt to be repaid. Their Beast is not a mindless adversary, but a double edged weapon. And, as the Kindred have learned to their dismay, their Eastern counterparts have developed fearful powers and arcane arts.

Welcome to Crimson Empires, a stand-alone Kindred of the East campaign where you’ll take on the role of one of the Kuei-Jin, shortly before their Second Breath. You’ll experience first hand the machinations of the Wan Guei, the Ten Thousand demons of the Courts of the restless dead. You’ll come to know your higher self, the Hun nature, as it leads you on a path freeing you from hunger for blood, and come to both fear and respect your P’o, the fierce demon that shares your reanimated corpse, as it barters terrible power for a piece of your soul. All of this and predicated on a dreadful balancing act to follow a Dharmic path away from bestial enthrallment, and toward the transcendence of your very nature.

Mysteries, oriental intrigue and martial adventures await, in the game of Crimson Empires!

Character Creation and Advancement

IconCharacterCreation2.jpgCharacter Creation Rules – Detailed character creation requirements for the Crimson Empires Kindred of the East game. IconCharacterAdvancement2.jpgCharacter Advancement Rules – Detailed character advancement rules for gaining and spending experience points.
IconKotEErrata2.jpgKOE Errata – Rules changes or ‘house rules’ for the Kindred of the East campaign as well as clarifications and modifications from the developers. IconDice2.jpgoWoD Dice Roller – A free, web-based die roller that is modifiable for difficulty and allows for things like re-rolls and botches that take away successes.

Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

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