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Character Creation for Crimson Empires

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Character Creation Rules – Detailed character creation requirements for the Crimson Empires Kindred of the East game. Character Advancement Rules – Detailed character advancement rules for gaining and spending experience points.
KOE Errata – Rules changes or ‘house rules’ for the Kindred of the East campaign as well as clarifications and modifications from the developers. oWoD Dice Roller – A free, web-based die roller that is modifiable for difficulty and allows for things like re-rolls and botches that take away successes.
  • 1. Choose an Asian Country of Origin and Nationality.
    – Once you’ve chosen this, pick a Hometown (Village or city where your character grew up) and a Second Breath Destination (Where your character ‘died’). Where your character was buried interred or where their remains are will matter too, so keep that in mind.
    – Specify if your character has travelled to other countries and if so which and under what circumstances. This should inform the languages you speak as you automatically get one language from your home country. (FYI, Mandarin Chinese, not Hong Kong Chinese, called Cantonese, is the most commonly spoken language).
    – Note that if you don’t all speak a common language, this will be a potential barrier to communication.
    – Consider the style of martial arts that originated in your chosen country if you’re playing a fighter type.
    – Make note of the most common religions of that country, and if it is relevant to your character concept, choose one that they had in their mortal life, and have a general idea about how devout they were during their life (if at all). The more devout you choose for your character to have been as a mortal, the more you should know a few things about it’s basic tenets.
  • 2. Choose a starting Caste.
    – This costs nothing. It’s scaled like a background but is purely flavor.
    – Failure to choose a caste means you’re likely an untouchable or some other strange circumstance.
    – Decide roughly how your character feels about the other castes above or below their own throughout their mortal lives.
    – This is a made-up addition to this game. See me if you have questions.
  • 3. Decide how your character’s nationality and caste feels about the others (Can wait until IC makes it clear who is playing what).
    – If you’re Chinese, do you think that the Nepalese character is a thin-air breathing hippy that needs to fall into line? If you’re North Korean, are you shocked by the casual way that the South Korean views authority? Allow this to flavor your role-play.
    – Do a little research into how these countries view one-another and their shared Asian history.
  • 6. If for some reason you didn’t do so in step 4, add 50xp (spent per KoE book rules) to round out your character.
  • 7. Schedule a character review and prelude with your awesome storyteller.
  • 8. Profit!

Kindred of the East books

The following books may be used for consideration during character creation:

Kindred of the East Core Book
Kindred of the East Companion
Dharma Book Bone Flowers
Dharma Book Devil Tigers
Dharma Book Resplendent Cranes
Dharma Book Thousand Whispers
Dharma Book Thrashing Dragons

Some content from the following books could play a role in this game:

Blood & Silk
Demon Hunter X
Half-Damned Dhampyr
Heresies of the Way
Hong Kong by Night
Killing Streets
San Francisco by Night
Shadow War
Sunset Empires
The Thousand Hells
World of Darkness Tokyo

And various other White Wolf books as needed for flavor, antagonists, etc.

Character Creation Rules

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