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Character Creation Rules – Detailed character creation requirements for the Crimson Empires Kindred of the East game. Character Advancement Rules – Detailed character advancement rules for gaining and spending experience points.
KOE Errata – Rules changes or ‘house rules’ for the Kindred of the East campaign as well as clarifications and modifications from the developers. oWoD Dice Roller – A free, web-based die roller that is modifiable for difficulty and allows for things like re-rolls and botches that take away successes.

PowerUp.jpgWelcome to the XP section.

Here’s how this works: There’s both one-time XP you can get, and regular rotating XP you can get based on role-play and OOC efforts at world building, helping players get to game or sharing food and/or drinks.

Traditionally, this has been called “Chrisperience”.

One Time XP:

PotionUp.jpgStarting XP: You get 50 XP to start to round out your character during character creation. My gift to you.

Character Post XP: You get 1 extra XP for posting your character on this wiki on the Characters tab. This includes Flavor (character history) and Crunch (Stats). Feel free to use this site to maintain your online character sheet and track XP expenditures. I personally really appreciate it when character sheets are tracked that way, because it makes it easier for me to scale encounters to the PC’s if I can easily look at powers, skills etc. So do your Storyteller a favor and toss your character’s stats up on the wiki, pretty please.

Choir.jpgTheme Song XP: You get 1 extra XP for choosing a theme song for your character (Link it to your profile – Not everybody take “Everybody loves Kung-Fu Fighting” please!)

Game Supplies XP: 1 xp for whoever prints up a bunch of character sheets for us. (I lack a printer). No longer needed at this time, but if you can think of some other needed supplies for the game that you’re willing to donate, just get it pre-approved by me and I’d be happy to bribe you with XP.

Regular/Rotating XP

LevelUp.jpgSession XP: You get 3XP per session for showing up, kicking it with friends and getting your oriental adventure on.

MVP XP: Nominations for exceptional role-playing work by nominating one person other than yourself post-game. Whomever has the most ‘votes’ (Single greatest total noms from other people) wins.

GamerFood.jpgOmnom nom XP: You get one XP for bringing food or drinks to share. We often order or cook up a variety of Asian foods to get us in the mood.

Rideshare XP: You get one XP for giving someone else a ride to game. It’s win-win for drivers to go a little out of their way to help our game attendance stay steady.

AnimeComputer.jpgWiki XP: You get 1 XP for every item you add to the Wiki. These can be NPC descriptions, organizations, places, items with stats. Literally any new thing. A couple of paragraphs is fine, these don’t have to be novels, just help flesh out the world we’re building. If there is an existing entry, adding a couple of paragraphs to update it counts. (We fought the evil sorcerer again and he got away, but here’s what happened, etc…)

AdventureLog.jpgAdventure Log XP: You get 1 XP for creating an Adventure log for the session. (This is first come, first served each week, so early bird gets the worm).

Buying Stuff With XP

GameShop.jpgBook Restrictions: Only the modern age KoE books are to be used in general. The Blood and Silk book is restricted due to it being effectively a Dark Ages book.

Attributes: Please have a story for how your character is training up an attribute.

Abilities: Please have a story for how your character is learning an ability.

Backgrounds: There aren’t any in KoTE by default, so look at V:tM for most of them.

Disciplines: Every new Discipline level requires a teacher. Except Demon Arts, your P’o wants you to get stronger and stronger in the Demon Arts so spontaneously learning them is acceptable. All disciplines except Demon Arts I need a 2 week window in between learning them up to level 3. After Level 3 a month in between to show the learning and truly understanding how the Art works. And as like before Demon Arts are not the case for this. You can ask for one level and then a week later another level with no problem all the way up to level 5. Just have a story how you’re training up your Disciplines, either through a teacher or a scroll – it will take as much time as makes sense without taking too much away from role-play.

  • Please request only one level at a time in anything unless there’s a bunch of downtime. This is negotiable.

Character Advancement Rules

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