Tag: Artifact


  • Knives of Sublime Hunger (lvl 4 Artifact)

    These knives are most famously used by the Golden Master to arm his _naljorpa_ minions. However, the knowledge of the knives' construction is well-known throughout the Devil-Tiger Dharma, and they are especially favored by the Black Iron Talons. Knives of …

  • Demon Jade Talisman (variable level)

    Just as specially enchanted jade talismans can store Yin and Yang chi, they can also be used to store demon chi. The translucent blackjade used tin these talismans is quite rare, however, and it is mined only in certain areas of the Yomi Hells. The last …

  • Jade Chi Balls

    Found at the burial place of Konda, these appear to be normal traditional chi balls. One is made of pure black jade and associated with Yin energies and the other made of pure red jade and associated with Yang energies.