Demon Jade Talisman (variable level)

A black jade amulet


These talismans work exactly as do normal Jade Talismans (Pg 86) with two exceptions. First, they are even more scarse than true jade; the number of dots in the artifact background that must be spent to begin play with a demon jade talisman in the number of demon chi the talisman can contain +2. Second, demon jade talismans can be recharged only in defiled dragon nests and other places of tainted chi.


Just as specially enchanted jade talismans can store Yin and Yang chi, they can also be used to store demon chi. The translucent blackjade used tin these talismans is quite rare, however, and it is mined only in certain areas of the Yomi Hells. The last major quantity to come to the middle kingdom arrived shortly after the fall of the Yomi Realm Lanka, sold by inhabitants there desperate to make ends meet after the monkey king’s destruction of Ravana’s city.
Since then, the only new black crystal jade to come to the middle kingdom has been given by the Yama Kings to their servants, or ornaments and talismans left in the ashes of akuma whose spirits were sent back to the Thousand Hells. As a result, these talismans are much more rare than Yin or Yang talismans, and coveted by the Devil-Tiger mandarin’s for the power they give to the Demon Arts. The heretic Crimson Tiger bodhisattva Hon Li is said to wear a tiara made entirely of black crystal jade into battle, but this rumor may be nothing more then propaganda spread by mandarins eager to connect him with the Yama Kings.

Demon Jade Talisman (variable level)

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