Kindred, Zao Lat

The Betrayer


Saulot.jpgZao Lat is the treacherous western devil or Kin-Jin that was at one time accepted into Kuei-Jin society and taught their ways. Zao Lat repaid this kindness and blessing of wisdom by betraying his tutors within the Temple of the Celestial Cloud.

Recently, The Talon Cleansing Wu uncovered a great library guarded by a Spirit, Seiryuu Dragon who claimed to serve Zao Lat. The dragon spirit went on to indicate that Zao Lat had a sect of monks at his disposal called the Wu Zao that had collected and catalogued this knowledge on the enigmatic creature’s behalf.

The library had stood fallow for centuries, yet upon the arrival of Konda, the dragon spirit gamely intoned, as if long prepared to do so to the Resplendent Crane:

“Zao Lat sends his regards.”

Kindred, Zao Lat

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