*Johnny O'Connor

KotE: Devil-Tiger semi-foreigner


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Name: Johnny O’Connor Nature: Judge Balance: P’O Imbalance
Player: Magic Rob P’O Nature: The Bandit Direction: Eastern
Chronicle: Crimson Empires Demeanor: Autocrat Wu: Cleansing Talons


Strength (Strong Arms): 4 Charisma: 2 Perception: 2
Dexterity (Precise, Fluid): 5 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence (Memory): 4
Stamina (Indestructible): 4 Appearance: 2 Wits (Getting The Drop): 4


Alertness: 1 AnimalKen: Computer: 1
Athletics: 2 Crafts: Finance (Investing): 4
Brawl: Drive: Investigation: 1
Dodge (Flow-Like-Blood): 4 Etiquette: 1 Law (International Law): 4
Empathy: 1 Firearms: 1 Linguistics: 3
Expression: Martial Arts (Aikido): 4 Medicine:
Intimidation: 1 Melee (Short-Blades): 4 Occult: 1
Leadership: Performance: Politics: 1
Streetwise: 1 Stealth: 1 Rituals (Devil-Tiger): 4
Subterfuge: 1 Survival: 1 Science:
Meditation: 0 Torture: 3 Academics: 3


Disciplines: Backgrounds: Rites:
*Iron Mountain- 3 Artifact- 4 (Knife of Sublime Hunger) Asserting the Heavenly Privilege of Yang Demon Command
*Black Wind- 3 Resources- 1 Embracing the Spirit’s Change
*Demon Shintai- 2 Horoscope- 0 The Deceptive Jade Chains of Yin Demon Command
*Kiai- 1 Nushi- 5
Bone Shintai- 1 Mentor- 0
Cultivate-1 Dark Jade Talisman- 5
Chi’iu Muh- 0 Status (Devil Tigers)- 1
Internalize- 1
Blood Shintai- 3
Flesh Shintai- 0


Yang: 3 Yin: 3
Hun: 3 Po: 6
Dharma: Devil-Tigers Rating: 3 Willpower: 8
Merits: Flaws:
Iron Will- 3 Vengeance- 2 (Triad)
Corporate Ties- 3 (British Bank) Enemy- 3 (ST Caveat)
G Obvious Predator- 2
Imbalances: P’O

Johnny Exp Log

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Johnny O’Connor’s life is one of tragedy, but as most people, he began with his parents. They lived in the metropolitan Hong Kong. His father, William O’Connor, was a prominent banker for one of the powerful corporate interest the British power implanted into Hong Kong during their reign. He himself lived most of his life in the Asian world, but was clearly an outsider. He found them to be backwater, but curious, and like most of the white occupants, took one of the demure beauties for his wife. His wife, Gu Chun was as Chinese as they come, her family able to trace its lines back to the Emperor Bing some countless centuries prior. They lived a happy life, if pedestrian.

Johnny was left in the unenviable position of being a half-breed. He was never fully welcomed with his father’s family. At school he was teased for his complexion and speech. At home he was largely ignored. His mother’s family was worse with their chilly welcomes and contemptuous stares. It left him feeling the outsider in all things and turned him from a shy child into a dangerously introverted one.

As he grew up, the world became larger and more complicated. He traveled much of the Asiatic world with his father for various business trips, and despite the overall disdain that most of the countries held for him, he was quite close to his family. His father was a bold, barrel chested Scotsman who never showed fear, compromise or rudeness. And his mother was a loving, demure, refined artisan. While they might have been treated as outsiders, at least they were warm within the home.

Johnny’s world met with sharp upheaval, however, in 1997 when the British power withdrew from the country. For a time, his father stayed behind to ensure a clean transition. After all, just because governments were changing hands didn’t mean that their economic infrastructure would as well. It allowed Johnny to finish his primary schooling. Still, there were riots and increasing violence in the following years, so it was his father’s decision to move the family back to England in semi-retirement and avoid the hostility. Johnny attended university there, studying law and economics, destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. As he came of age, the youth elected to return to his homeland, where perhaps he would stand out just a little less.

He was awarded something of a dynastic position with the banking institution that his father worked for, and while he did prove to be a reliable employee, his life was very dull. He went through the motions of what he was ‘supposed’ to do. He took a lovely Chinese girl to wife (Jiang O’Connor) and had two small children with her (Frederick and Estelle). Overall, life was underwhelming but acceptable. At least until the gangs started coming to power.

As the British power had faded, the gangs started coming in and taking territories. For a long while, they were restricted to the underbelly, but as the Communist powers showed virtually no interests in anything but taking over infrastructure and industry, they grew more and more bold. It wasn’t too long before even the lofty British banks were being shaken down by the militant and armed thugs. Johnny was targeted in a particularly brutal way due to his mixed race. It was after a sever beating that he began taking martial arts classes and training with sidearms and more archaic weapons. His wife didn’t approve, but it made him feel more confident in the walk home.

The world around him grew darker with each passing year. As the gang violence became more pronounced, it was Johnny’s opinion that it would be safer for his children to school with his father in Europe. They were swept away and sent to the most prestigious of boarding schools for budding promising youth. The streets were more dangerous, corruption grew more palpable. It came to a head shortly after Johnny’s 30th birthday.

The young executive was followed home one night by a particularly vicious group of the Triad who were trying to breech the nicer neighborhoods as their territory. They broke into his home and began brutalizing the young couple. Here was his moment to shine, to put the years of training to the test…. and he failed. His mind shouted the kata, trying to will his limbs to action, but it was as if moving through lead. The terror of the moment seized his limbs, and as if watching from above, he saw himself getting beaten and his wife being raped. The gang echoed laughter about the home, pocketing his precious valuables and breaking old sacred objects they didn’t understand. Finally, they lit the home ablaze and barred the doors from the outside. As the smoke and fire filled the home, he held his sobbing wife apologizing for his failures. The shame of it burned hotter then the flames, but at least it did not last…

Or so he thought.

The pain of mortal flames soon gave way to surrealistic hell-scapes and demonic torments. He was cut and tortured and dragged through horrors the likes of which mortal minds can scarcely comprehend. His true failings were revealed to him in these enlightening moments. He had been too nice a person. He had not struggled against the wickedness of the world. He had turned a blind eye to the evil growing, like a cancer, in his streets. By not confronting the little evils with a greater one, he had allowed them to grow unhindered.

The pain of his failings and the rage of his impotence finally stirred him to action. Out of the muck he clawed. He dragged his shattered soul back to his burned body and willed it to life. There was a new evil unleashed on the world, and all the wicked of Creation would weep at its passing.

Revenge. Revenge. Revenge.
Perfecting the look of terror the wicked faces show.
Taking the whole of a man’s skin off in a single piece without him dying.



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