*Ghost, Grandma Kaede Hamura

Kaede's grandmother and spiritual guide, not that he listens that often.


“Stubborn and reckless child, my grandson, but he is a good boy.”

Grandma Kaede was a dutiful servant to the Bone Flower priestesses in life, and she lived a long one. Most of her time was spent tending the ancient temple that her and her family called home. Her duties were many, but she spent a great deal of time chatting with the dead a that wandered about philosophy and life. Spirits and shen alike appreciated her young wisdom and she was rewarded with a comfortable and unburdened existence.

When her grandson was born, Kaede fell ill and passed quietly from the world. Her masters knew however that her journey needed to continue for many years to come and performed the ceremonies needed to tie her ancestral spirit to the young boy that was her namesake. As she was dutiful in life, she would prove to be as dutiful in spirit.

Grandma and grandson shared spiritual power, so the elder Kaede was able to teach and council her charge as he grew from babe to child and child to man. Her hearts greatest desire is that her grandson will learn that his life is a precious thing and should not be gambled so wastefully, but his drive always overwhelmed her words.

*Ghost, Grandma Kaede Hamura

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