Yomi Spirit-Possessed Monsters


In Japanese mythology, the term bakemono (or obake) refers to “creatures that have changed from one form to another, generally becoming more powerful in the process. Usually this change is due to the presence of negative feelings, and as such, obake tend to be violent, or even malicious.” In the Middle Kingdom, the tendency is greater, as the change is due to the presence of a Bane; in other words, the shen use the term to refer to fomori.

Bakemono is most commonly the bonding of a Bane with a mortal human creating a form of abomination. While they are employed by the Devil Tiger Dharma quite extensively, most other Kuei-Jin and shen have a tendency to dislike and distrust them. Their forms are as varied and wild as the spirits used to create them. Some are indistinguishable from human, some bear no resemblance to their parent species.



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