Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

9/29- Session Notes

The night unfolded to reveal the gathering of disparate factions in a place called Longmen Grottoes in the heart of central China. They arrived in groupings of threes and fours before emerging in the moonlight filled ancient artistic wonder. Light caught off the glinting faces of the Buddha and Boddhisatvas’ and demons. Those closest to the railings were black with the fingers of countless millions, those gaze down from on high still pristine in their limestone visions.

Powerful Manchurian’s and elders arrived with their recent captives. Chen Long and Lord Hiyabashi arrived with a strange foreign Hin and three savage creatures on chains. Goree Gen Kee came with an older, but still fresh to the life, former monk. Soonbi presented a moneyed, but quit younger man of Japanese descent. And Khubla Kasashe came with a well dressed mongrel.

Many contests of will and prowess were presented to the group. They were tested and their most obvious strengths were made apparent to those who gathered. They were taunted and prodded and their most obvious weaknesses were made apparent to those gathered. The lessons had not even begun yet, and already several had nearly been killed in the effect. Still, two more were prophesied to join the budding ‘wu’.

There, in the throbbing power of the dragon nest, under the moon and witnessed by a half dozen Manchurian elders, representing three of the greatest Courts our people had, a collaboration was started. The gathered powers would train these new finds. They would instruct them on the ways of being Kuei-jin. They would help them find their Dharma and help them understand their purpose under heaven. They had a year to train and be judged. If they were found wanting, there would be no retest; there would be only death.



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