Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

7/29- A Moon of Calm

The Wu had returned home and decided to take some time to focus on their individual study.

Konda began the delicate dance of finding his way into local political structures. He attended this social gathering and that, ever watchful for ways to gently apply his own brand of control. He walked through the streets of his city and politely directed the authorities to where they needed to look and where they needed to look away.

Johnny went to take the Confucius Scholarly tests of the Devil Tiger’s finishing school. The climax was a bloody set of bodies to dispose of in response to being ‘clever’. Aside from a playful rat shifter, there was little fuss and Johnny was awarded the title of Apprentice.

About a moon had passed when the Wu caught wind of a Canadian being held in perpetuity for corporate espionage. This was just the latest of corruptions within Luyang. There had been a terrible sewage-into-cooking oil situation as well as the horrible Luyang slasher being the Mayor himself. It seemed all the dirty laundry of the city was being brought forward for their approval.

Johnny elected to undertake a personal quest to enslave another spirit or two before engaging in some of the greater corruptions. A small farm that grew opium was found using the black market resources just outside of town. The farm was quietly infiltrated, the owners assaulted and purchased for the reasonable price of their infants smallest finger.

Evil would beget evil; so long as it had proper purpose under the Celestial Heaven, all things were still right in this fading Age.

Shinshi took this time of a calm moon to study and cast his eye inward. When not in the library, he was tracking the dragon lines and spiritual energy of their city. It was on ones of these undertakings that he discovered a Rivergate; a powerful area where lay lines intersect and can be ridden to far off places in the blink of any eye. This rivergate had small jade boat nearby, which was odd. And a bloody fisherman. Which was odd. And a potent shifter. Which was very odd.

This shark was brought to the grotto, but not given access to anything of value just yet. He was able to prove he understood some of the greater mysteries by solving a riddle that had been written into stone in the Celestial Temple by the area where the shark delegation had once lived, so many centuries ago. It seemed an auspicious find, for such a creature to appear and make itself known. Still, he was not an ally yet, and the wu was cautious to trust someone so new with so many of their secrets.



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