Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

6/13- Dancing in the Spiderwebs

As the sun rose over the Hong Kong skyline, the Wu bunkered down in relative safety. They were issued well appointed rooms, courtesy of Masahiro. Sleep was no escape; their dreams carried terrible portents. Johnny, who held the cursed blade, dreamt of good battling evil over a blackened remains of the world. The revenge of the Yomi and the Wu’s revenge against them had torn the world asunder. All actions will echo in eternity, and the spark that began here would spread to all things. The question that rings as millions fight and die around them; what separates justice from vengeance? A mighty spirit replies: “Child of fire, a warrior passed by a stream and saw his reflection within. He wondered ‘Have I passed this way before?’”

While the Wu slept, the mortal among them, Kaede, performed many acts of questionable morality. They ranged from stealing a car to fornicating with a lady of ill repute. His glorious crescendo, however, was robbing the cursed blade from the helpless forms of his allies and escaping the fortified building of their friends. The Wu was not to know the why of these things, simply awaken to the cacophony of alliances being shattered and burned. Under a normal situation, the Devil Tiger might have found such a thing beautiful (if wasteful), but given that it was his person that was robbed, he was overly emotional regarding these events.

The Wu was given a severe ultimatum once it became clear that Kaede had acted without their consent. They were to find this blade and destroy it, or die in the process. No further aid would be given from the Japanese elder, and they were to be grateful for this opportunity. The Wu’s gratitude was shallow at best.

As they left the home of their former allies, they began to scour the streets, collecting to them the alliances that they had made. The grandmother of Kaede knew where her mortal relative lay and could guide them. Their Khan friend agreed to collect a force from and confront the goblin spider who must have been at the root of this treachery. The Japanese demon hunters agreed to assist as well, coming in all their motorcycle-d glory.

When they arrived at the warehouse, they listened to the Howls of the Devil Tiger and assaulted directly and immediately. Seven breaths was all they allowed before entering into this house of death. Within they found webs and terrors that would no doubt haunt their dreams for years to come.

The final battle with the Kumo was fierce. Most of the mortal hunters had been left behind to ensure that nothing escaped the flames. Blow after blow, the wu was outmatched by this shifter that had haunted Hong Kong for so long. It was raw chance and nothing more that guided the twisted iron blade of Johnny into the heart of the terror.

The Wu and the hunter nearly came to blows a final time over custody of the blade, but with the wraith in submission, the spirits dead, and the goblin spider vanquished, cool heads did manage to prevail.

Johnny collected the bounty of the battle and the vestments of his death while Konda spoke softly to Kaede of his fate. It seemed that they were not quite done with the evening, and licking their wounds would need to make reparations to their host and offer a monk protection while he cast the demons out of the blade. It was to be a long evening.



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