Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

6/1 Tea For The Shogunate

The bloody carnage of the tunnels were a delightful revelry for the Wu, but all good things must come to an end. They collected their charges with the company of the Khan, they returned to the flotilla. There, the elder dragon rejoiced in the reunion with his family and spoke of the blade the Wu sought. It was the talk of the town, apparently. The yin-cursed blade was free and the storm was proof enough, the shen were saying. Factions of all stripes were vying to be the claimant of its legacy. The Wu wasn’t dissuaded.

Still, the old dragon bestowed onto them the knowledge of who hunted the blade and granted a further boon of his daughter reading their future. She spoke of birds and cages and a clandestine meeting. The wu thanked them for their gifts and left them to mend wounded pride.

Konda seemed to know this shop in the fortunes, odd considering how little else he remembered. The wu took shelter for the day in an abandoned foundry, eager to attend this meeting the following sunset. As the day fell, the reconnected with their police ally and made their way to the bird shop. It was something reminiscent of Blade Runner as they journeyed through the store and the basement meeting.

As is want to do, a fight broke out nearly as soon as the Wu arrived. Mortals, however, proved to be little obstacle for them. What did prove to be troubling was the spirit of the Blacksmith hovering near the blade and nearly overtaking Johnny’s senses. Still, the yin spirit was fought off, and Kaede fled with the attractive prostitute while the rest of the wu squared off with freshly arrived Keui Jin of the Fiery Blossom Wu.

Surprisingly, a parley stopped all hostilities. It was agreed that both Wu’s would present the blade to the Japanese master that had sent them here, Mashahiro. Even that couldn’t be easily done, however; as they trekked through the streets, ninjas began to die around them in droves. Evidently, the powerful mortal Hunters were on to their antics and wished to destroy the blade themselves.

Again, a surprising parley stopped all hostilities without further casualties. It was agreed that the Talon Cleansing Wu would seek the blade’s destruction. They allowed the descendant of Shizuoko Kokoshin to test the blade himself. Satisfied that it was the evil of legend, he returned it to the Wu on the contingent agreement that they seek to end its curse. All parties warily backed away, and the journey to the business district once again continued.

The office building was equal parts professional and dreamland. There were gardens and sparing just a few floors above the cubicles and office accoutrements. They enter into a scene of two fellows heavily padded and sparing. The Wu made introductions to the elder Mashahiro and the elusive ‘Song’.

The Wu presented the blade to the Japanese elder who was well impressed with it. After much discussion, they were able to persuade the lord to give them his blessing in the cleansing of the blade. It would need to be taken to the Temple of Wuan Kui, near the P’O Lin Monastery by the venerable monk Neon Shun.

It was agreed that the Talon Cleansing Wu with the support of the Fiery Blossom Wu would journey to the island holding the monastery and the fabled monk. It would be a treacherous journey, but at least they would be well supplied for the trip. Assuming, that is, that these new-found allies could at all be trusted.



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