Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

5/25 One Crazy Night in Hong Kong

The Wu took a moment to collect themselves in the rather soggy abode of the CEO turned corpse. While the trip had been enlightening, one couldn’t help but feel they were being strung along for some darker purpose. They evaluated options for where to visit next. Evidence implied that the Dy Yu, INC base might hold some secrets to where things had transpired; however, they were located in the Bank of China building, easily one of the most fortified places in Hong Kong. Their other option was to go to the cemetery itself where the bodies had supposedly been moved. If this whole thing was a coincidence, and not intentional corruption of a grave site, the bodies might still be there.

The Happy Valley cemetery was a sprawling necropolis in the heart of Hong Kong, where land and space were at an absurd premium. While they traveled there, they compared stories of relevance that they might know. One floated to the top of Shinshi’s mind. He told a tale of a sword smith who sought to cheat the gods and spirits of the land with falsehood. He was commissioned to build seven beautiful swords and destroy them in a pit of fire. He made the swords, but greed prevented him from destroying the fruits of his life. Instead, he destroyed false swords, enraging the spirits. They cursed him with pestilence and storms. Still this smith wasn’t humbled. He gave the cursed blades as gifts to his rivals, watching as their homes suffered terrible fates.

When he was eventually killed, the Jade Emperor, reigning god of the lands of the dead, told him that he prized his blade. The smith was able to escape from the lands of the dead and return as a Risen, plaguing the land with his dark agenda once more. He was destroyed not far from this very cemetery and his most mighty blade, Dragon of Night, was lost. The Jade Emperor was displeased.

The Wu put the story aside for a moment when they arrived at the cemetery and split into groups. Konda spoke with the old groundskeeper and requested some information on the bodies that were moved. Johnny searched the grounds themselves. They found similar information in a similar time. The bodies had been moved, but very recently. Within days recently. As they were preparing to leave and chase the next lead, an emissary of the Jade Emperor confronted them and whispered that they path they were on was a dangerous one. He told them that his master coveted the blade and would reward them for its recovery. The Wu was puzzled slightly as discovering that they were suddenly close to a potent relic in addition to their much needed corpses was… unsettling. They politely deflected making any commitments to the power spirit and its more powerful master. They would need to see what the world held before making promises.

All paths now pointed to Aberdeen, an island off of Hong Kong island. There, they found a party, a Khan and a dead body, which all lead them on a merry chase. They were told of a buyers meeting occurring the following night, and were given some invitations to them from separate sources. As they trailed the corpse mystery, they discovered it to be the body of a fae and badly decayed for its death time. The trail lead to the 7-Tiger Brothel in the red light district. There they investigated around at the scene of the murder and found a sigil in the alley for an black market street fair. Puzzled, but curious, they Wu traveled there, hoping to find inroads amid the chaotic information they were sorting.

In the market, they found evidence that the murderer (armed with a cursed blade…) had purchased some muscle for an escort a few hours prior. They were closing in, and quickly. The trail now led to a Tonka floating village and an old sage that lived there.

He, naturally, was not help at all. While he proved to be a dragon in truth, he also proved to be distraught over the kidnap of his daughter and grandson. The Wu pledged to help so long as he pledged to find where the man with the sword was hiding. They agreed and sped towards the main land.

It seemed that the women they had kidnapped had proven too much for the thugs. She had argued on the shore for near an hour, and they were just now boarding a bus when the Wu arrived. Pent up aggression finally climaxed in glorious bloodshed, and the thugs were dead to a man in a matter of seconds.

Now it was time to return the two and collect from the ancient dragon. The night was growing old as well. Yet, it had been a productive night in the city of Hong Kong.



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