Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

3/30- The Siege of Silent Hill

The Wu came together at the apothecary to discuss some of their recent revelations. They were foggy, as if waking from a long sleep. They discussed the tactics and angles of laying siege to the stone quarry when their missing Bone Flower returned. While there was some tension between Fae and Takashi, they were able to act as (mostly) rational adults and put the Wu first. Fae told those gathered that he had been scouting the radioactive area for the last month and had news. Their fox friend had been killed, and the spirits of corruption there were mighty beyond reason. It was worse then they had feared.

As they left the apothecary to do some scouting of their own, they noted the streets were empty, save some twenty five figures crowding one end of the street. They wore sigils and signs that clearly marked them hengeyokai. Some were foxes, others sharks, those were wolves… the list seemed endless. They began to introduce themselves rather than attack. They had long and complicated names, and long and complicated titles. Notes were taken, but the one that seemed most significant was their elder.

He explained that their sentai was rooted further up the river, and they were a war-like sept dedicated to cleansing things of great taint. How they had missed the reactor for fifty years seemed to be a point of irritation among themselves. After a brief tea and conversation, they went off to war. Yes, right then. They grabbed their gear and went straight away to war.

The Wu was put in an odd place; either assist or not. While assisting carried grave dangers, it brought the chance to win more favor with these strange new allies. Doing nothing would allow them to focus on the other problems of the city. It was when a few of these highly Yang creatures mentioned knowing things were occurring in the Yin world that the Wu decided unanimously to assist in the cleansing of the reactor.

They gathered outside of the boar’s cave where they first found all this to begin with. They discussed tactics, which largely seemed to be ‘GET EM!’. And then they went and got em. The battle began with some glorious antics from the Wu. They launched themselves off helicopters or hung from cars swinging weapons. Their mad driver even managed to use his helicopter as a weapon before the battle madness got to him and he had to flee.

Enter now the Wu, engaged in a pitched battle to crawl to the heart of the Nest. Dozens of twisted spirits stand between them and their target. Dozens of bakemono join them. Dozens of mighty, corrupt hengeyokai bolster these ranks. And the tentacle creature itself, while down three of its mighty pillars, is still completely capable of engaging in battle. With the courage of the Talon Cleansing Wu carry the day?



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