Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

3/2- Waterlogged Revelations

Konda returned to the wu from his prolonged meditation to find them frantically plotting a likely suicidal assault on the stone quarry. His calming presence was just the balm they needed to avert disaster.

The collected what lore they possessed of the Yin world, and came to the conclusion that this ‘Gravekeeper’ was unlikely to be just some shadow-eaten. Initial research implied that he was either a direct servant of a Malefactor, or had a physical presence in this world. His ability to command wicked Yang spirits repeatedly souring their theories as to his proper origin, Konda traveled to the Empress to deliver a message. The stony face of the 7th Gate Minister revealed shock at hearing of what the quarry was hiding and agreed to deliver the a message that the Wu wished to speak to Her Grace.

Their Wu-leader than went to the library (guided through the numerous traps and pitfalls along the way) and met with their dragon guardian spirit to talk about the history of the area. It seemed that the rock quarry was used to build a very impressive monument to Emperor Guazong, and then was strictly prohibited from any use for the next thousand years. These pieces of the puzzle seemed significant. Information was then gathered on the numerous rivals that the Empress had had in life. The Wu hoped to find some commonality; there could be no doubt that this hatred for the Empress was likely long fostering.

Her list of enemies was daunting, so they instead focused on who seemed most wronged. They settled on the Emperor himself or his chief Chancellor Shangguan Yi. While there was a compelling case for both, the history of the Empress’ husband was one of weakness. He seemed to have no ability to refute her beauty or contradict her word. Such wishy-washy traits of character rarely lead to a revival of any kind after mortal death.

The Chancellor, in contradiction, had long plotted to free the Emperor of Wu Zetian. He even had a draft of the document outing her from power forever in the Emperor’s hand, a pen in the other when she burst into the room and sullied the whole thing. As a contradiction, he was put to death, as were his sons. That would prompt a fellow to rage. It wasn’t until Wu Zetian was overthrown by her son (who then took the former-Chancellor’s daughter to wife) that he was returned to some semblance of honor. This felt like their man.

The grave of Shangguan Yi was not terribly close to the city, but within a cab ride away. They took a mortal conveyance only to stumble onto an artificial lake. It seemed that there had been some sort of damning project on this village in the late year 2000. A damning project that had gone terribly awry. The entire town had been destroyed, its occupants killed, and their souls oddly trapped in a bizarre wandering state on the other side. They weren’t proper Yin spirits (as it would be terribly odd for an ENTIRE town to remain on the other side), and they had the ability to animate corpses. While not threatening, they were obnoxious.

Konda and Johnny explored the town ruins, fought off zombies, and eventually found the tomb of Shangguan Yi. Some of the levels had been destroyed by the flood, others had suffered much more intentional damage. The tomb itself was desecrated, tossed about, and the effigy of the Chancellor had the word ‘general’ burned across the face. The word was not used as a title, but rather simply a word, causing the Wu some confusion. Their musings were interrupted by the assault of six terracotta warriors. These were also bizarre as they were not Yin spirits, but animated statues.

After a brief battle, and even briefer retreat, it was decided that they would do some bureaucratic works to correct the defilement. But in the mean time, it was probably time to face whatever the Quarry had to offer in ways of problems. The wu hoped that a 1500 year old akuma didn’t await them.



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