Kindred of the East: Crimson Empires

12/8- Bite Till You Taste Copper

The dramatic pause passed as the massive and twisted Western Spirit sharpened its tusks upon the blackened stone of the cave. Time seemed to slow as the Wu sprung into action.

The Tiger leapt forward, cutting the monster deep and drawing its ire. Shinchi took cover, finding the body of a long dead human in haz-mat gear. Konda, roused from his trance, ran to join the fray. And the forgotten Dhampyr drove his off road vehicle like some demon possessed creature through the thick wood.

A cry of rage shook the trees as the boar howled. Birds burst into the air from nearby trees as smaller cousins answered the cries. The monster struck at the Tiger, cutting long gashes into the warrior. The smaller spirits tore through the woods, meeting resistance among the Wu. Konda took a grievous burn turning the hatred of one of the burning spirits aside. A truck plowed into it moments later. A strange kitsune joined the battle as well, falling upon the twisted spirits with a long glaive. It was in that moment that the Wu noticed that disappearance of Takeshi with their new chimerical friend’s appearance. In moments the battle was over and the Wu turned to lick it’s wounds while their leader spoke to hengioki.

The creature seemed to want their help cleansing the area of the apparent radiation sickness that was seeping into the lands here. Their driver and stalwart companion (who the Tiger had yet to note the name of) mentioned that the area they were in showed human habitation a few kilometers off, but stopped appearing on their maps after the late 1950’s. It was an interesting puzzle. After a heated debate, calling the honor of the trickster shifter into question, they got back their friend, but vowed to return to cleanse the area.

Taking the truck, they traveled along the path of the train to where the gold likely was. A recently abandoned campsite was found along the tracks… currently occupied by military equipment and signs of relatively recent revival. The Wu split up, entering the mine to fine their missing treasure.

Inside the mine, Konda made fast friends with the military unit, instructing them to aid the Wu in their efforts. They were most gracious in their attempts. Sadly, a small firefight broke out and the Wu separated further. The Tiger drove deeper into the mine, chasing after a beautiful and wounded woman. Konda and Shinchi went slower, with more caution. They collected the remaining military personal along the way, safeguarding the human element of game.

After a daring and terribly dramatic mine-car chase (with twists, turns and waterfalls), the Tiger catches his quarry. The woman was wily, but her male companions were less so. After a few escape attempts, she was properly subdued… just in time for Konda to come and find his soul mate.

She agreed to come and help the Wu with their searches and missions.

While this was occurring, the Nine Tiger Claw Wu stumbled across the mine… and the treacherous humans who had led them to it to begin with. There was a brief, if bloody, fight between the humans and the vampires. It went poorly for the humans.

Again, the Wu’s met and discussed what the future would be. The hundreds of thousand of dollars in gold was divided, as was agreed. They retreated to separate corners of the mine to wait out the dread sun, and cautiously caressed weapons in hope that the other wasn’t plotting their demise.



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